5 Innovative Human Resource Trends to Watch in 2019

Are you one of the 54% of small business owners losing sleep trying to find and retain your next great hire?

If so, fear not- because you're in the right place. 

We've listed five human resource trends to help you tackle these precise issues. Trust us; you'll be hiring and nurturing top-quality talent in no time at all!

Let's dive in!

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1. The Use of People Analytics

Over the last year or so, People Analytics has enabled HR workers a better insight into their workforce. Consequently, they can use this data to retain their top talent.

When business owners know their employee’s needs and concerns, they're in a far better position to address these problems. 

You know what they say, a happy workforce is a productive workforce. So, this kind of software is an investment that usually pays off in the long run. 

2. Wellness Apps

The mental and physical wellness of your employees should be one of your major priorities.

Not only because health matters, but because it also relates back to our previous point. When workers feel their best, they're more likely to perform better. 

This is where wellness apps come into their own. 

As such, more and more HR reps are launching initiatives to encourage employees to download these sorts of apps to help them, monitor:

  • Their performance at work

  • Their fitness levels

  • Their physical and mental health

There are so many apps out there; you're bound to find something to suit the needs of your employees. 

3. Utilize Corporate Learning Tools

Companies try their best to use up-to-the-minute learning and development tech.

More often than not, these utilize videos fueled by virtual reality and augmented reality. This works wonders for modernizing your training resources and for getting your staff to engage and act on these materials. 

4. Smarter Recruitment

It's becoming increasingly common for HR staff to use tools to find talent with all the capabilities, experience, and skills they need to do the job justice. 

As such, people in HR can now sift through high volumes of applications using automated software to weed out the best possible candidates. This saves you tons of time and should produce more fruitful results- win-win! 

5. Personalization

HR has seen a move from the “One-Size-Fits-All” approach to a more personalized way of doing things. 

For example, most new office designs now take into consideration the various needs of different employees. This means creating different spaces to serve a variety of purposes.

For example:

  • Open space: To work closely alongside your colleagues

  • Quiet areas: For working on detailed reports, proofreading work, or other tasks requiring intense concentration.

  • A phone booth: Ideal for making essential business calls

You get the idea!

Did You Like These Human Resource Trends?

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